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Cats Wallpaper & Wall Murals

     Adding texture, color and pattern to your home for both cat loving children and adults is a very elegant way with Wallmur's cat wallpaper collection. Few things in children's lives can give as much pleasure as a furry friend. Cat toys, cat patterns and now walls covered with cats. What could be more fun for a child than this. He loved his furry friends in the playground or in the children's room. Children love cats  who have not interacted with furry friends like cats. Who doesn't like something soft and cute! Imagine how happy will be when you decorate with cat patterned wallpaper a child's room who played with cats. Your children's laughter won't go away from your child's room. If you want cats looking out on a pink sky covered with balloons, cats king or cats trying to catch fish. We have a lot of themes in our Cats Wallpaper & Wall Murals collection. You'll love them all, it will take time to choose. Worth it.

     One of the ways to be pleasant at home is to bring the bright and positive energy of nature to our homes. Moving nature into the home is also one of the home decoration trends. For a more peaceful home, we need to continue our relationship with nature. Using cat patterns in interior design is one of the most simple and effective ways of using nature in home decoration. You also benefit from the advantage of timelessness. The use of animals in home decoration never goes out of fashion. Imagine you're coming home at the end of a boring day, and on your walls are those favorite furry cats. The first thing that comes to mind is the warmth and softly of the cat. And your face instantly covers a smile. This is what makes home decoration important. Enjoy it.

     The cat is a small carnivorous mammal. Wild cat (Felis silvestris) is a species of felidae . It is the only domestic species in the Felidae family and is often referred to as domestic cats to distinguish it from wild members of the family. Felis silvestris lybica, the ancestor of today's house and stray cats, is a species of African-origin wildcat whose communication with humans dates back 10,000 years. These cats, who began to have difficulty finding food with the resident life 4000 years ago, abandoned the wildlife and landed in the towns of Ancient Egypt. People began to cultivate and store their cereals in their homes, which resulted in an invasion of mice and snakes. Later, when people realized that cats ate these animals, a draw based on mutual interest was established. The relationship between cats and humans began in this way and turned into friendship over the years. Today we are in our homes, on the streets, where we can deal with our cat friends. Because of all this, we cannot give up cats in our home decoration. Our kids especially love things with cats. We, as Wallmur, offer you our Cats Wallpaper & Wall Murals collection.

     Our wallpapers are carefully prepared and made available to you. After delivery, you can see how high the quality of our products. Because every single product we have developed has improved its quality to match you and your needs. You can use our wallpaper murals consisting of 100% environment-friendly materials and Green Guard certified inks, which are easy to apply, and it’s removable and re-usable. Take a look at our collection now and choose what you like with the best price. Free and fast shipping will be waiting for you. Take note of measurements before shopping. We always make sure you are facing the best result.
     Firstly our designers prepare our collections carefully and step by step and then the second part is production. Our production is made by state of the art machinery and by skilled operators.Finally, the quality control of the prepared products doing twice, and your product is coming towards you!

       Finally, paper options; Non-Woven Wallpaper does not apply to rough surfaces, and it is movable. Non-woven is a plain matte paper, and it requires adhesive because it isn't self-adhesive. Material weight is 150 gr/sqm, and install is moderate to use. Textile Wallpaper does apply to rough surfaces, and it is movable. Textile wallpaper is a light textured wallpaper, and it requires adhesive because it isn't self-adhesive. Material weight is 280gr/sqm, and install moderate to use, and Self-Adhesive Textile Wallpaper does apply to rough surfaces, and it is movable. The peel and stick textile wallpaper is a light textured wallpaper. And it does not require extra glue because it is self-adhesive. Material weight is 300gr/sqm, and install easy to use.  

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