Renaissance Wallpaper | Peel and Stick Renaissance Wall Mural

Renaissance Fresco Art Wallpaper Mural
$3.72/ft² $40.00/m²
The Apotheosis of Hercules by Francois Lemoyne Wallpaper Mural
$3.72/ft² $40.00/m²
Medieval Renaissance Art Wallpaper Mural
$3.72/ft² $40.00/m²
European Palace Renaissance Wallpaper Mural
$3.72/ft² $40.00/m²
Medieval Lake Landscape with Boats Wallpaper Mural
$3.72/ft² $40.00/m²

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What is Renaissance?

The Renaissance was a period in European history, covering the span between the 14th and 17th centuries and marking the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity. In a sense, to go out of the dark period and there is more orientation towards nature and people. It derived from the word renascere, which means rebirth in the Latin language as an etymology. It was described by Giorgio Vasari, one of the pioneers of art historiography, as "the period of the revitalizing and exalting of the art in stages when art disappeared." According to Giorgio Vasari, art follows the rules of nature. Although human beings are not reborn, the plants shed their leaves in winter and re-bloom in spring. In parallel, Vasari defines rebirth, Renaissance, as re-flowering. 

The rebirth and awakening are not only to learn from ancient times, but also to be renewed by learning from nature. The understanding of art, which has been developing since the Middle Ages, has been fully integrated during the Renaissance. And he was completely freed by breaking his chains. This period has special importance, especially for art lovers, and this period has been a milestone for breaking the chains and creating and sharing the works freely. The effects of this period, of course, we're not limited to these. In many other respects, it is considered a Renaissance milestone. If you want to create a renaissance touch while redecorating your home, you will find a magnificent piece of art in Wallmur's collection of Renaissance Wallpaper & Wall Murals.

Benefits of Using Renaissance Wallpaper

The vibrant colors and incredible quality of our renaissance art wallpaper designs you choose for your home allow you to immerse yourself in the artwork in every small detail. Wallpapers can add detail to places where there are no architectural features and help to cover damaged walls or structural defects. The renaissance paintings wallpaper for home also create a great atmosphere while uncovering the host's personality. But how can wallpapers make a small room look bigger? For example, pastel colors extend the room and make the wall larger. Fine lines and pastel colors make the room look bigger by pulling the eye up and to the side. If you want a feeling of expanse in a small space, our collection of Renaissance Wallpaper & Wall Murals will meet your needs.

Nowadays, users see renaissance peel and stick wallpapers as one of the hottest home decor trends. The use of wallpapers in homes, workshops, businesses, and offices is increasing all over the world. In fact, wallpapers are now more preferred than wall painting and are seeing as a luxury alternative. Moreover, the cost is lower. You or your guests will be lost in the famous Renaissance Fresco, Medieval Renaissance, or The Apotheosis of Hercules by Francois Lemoyne, etc. wallpapers you choose from our collection. Enjoy it.

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