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Bird Wallpaper


Birds are beautiful creatures signaling peace and freedom. Decorating your bedroom, living room, and bathroom with bird wallpapers offers a blend of peace, calmness, and freedom.

Cute Bird Wallpaper in our shop

Wallmur offers cute bird wallpapers in several colors and styles. The vibrant designs can brighten your space and make a statement. You no longer have to be bothered by plain interiors. Instead, colorful wallpapers can create a focal point for your bathroom, hallways, bedroom, and nursery. 

Improve Your Room Design With Colorful Bird Wall Murals

Contemporary wallpaper for walls helps to add color and life to a room. You can decorate your room in several ways with this wallpaper. If you are unsure how to start, we have curated a few interesting wallpaper design ideas for you below: 

  • Create a focal point. You can paste your removable bird wallpaper on a single wall in your bedroom or living room to make it stand out. A focal point wallpaper with flying birds immediately catches the attention of anyone that walks into the room.
  • Match the room's accessories with your wallpaper. After choosing your wallpaper, it is best to choose furniture, curtains, and other accessories in colors that match the wallpaper.
  • Create a themed room with birds on the wallpaper. If you are a fan of birds, you can wallpaper the entire room to create a theme. Themed rooms stand out and are aesthetic.
  • Create the desired style. Birds wallpaper for walls is excellent if you want a traditional, contemporary, or modern-style room. Choose tropical wallpapers with large bird patterns to create a formal, stylish look. Also, wallpapers with small designs can create a bright look in your space.
  • Maximize lighting. If your space is a dark hallway or lacks natural light, you can improve brightness with birds wallpaper. Bird wallpaper with metallic inks or light colors like white reflects light in a room.

FAQs about Birds Wallpaper

Vintage bird wallpapers give your room a traditional aesthetic while showing the timeless freedom birds symbolize. Below are some common questions our shoppers have asked about Birds Wallpapers and their answers.

How to Choose Vintage Bird Wallpaper?

Before choosing vintage bird wallpaper, consider the room and the color palette of your interior décor. Bird wallpaper bathroom with bright shades lights up rooms with little light.

Where to Buy Bird Wall Murals?

You can buy bird wallpaper murals from Wallmur online store. The online shop curates wallpapers in unique patterns and designs. Delivery is available to the USA and the World at large.

How much does Bird Wallpaper for Walls Cost?

Non-woven bird wallpaper costs $35/m2, while textured wallpaper costs $40/m2 at Wallmur. In addition, self-adhesive wallpapers cost $44/m2, and premium textured wallpaper costs $50/m2.

What is the Most Popular Bird Wall Mural?

The most popular bird wallpaper at Wallmur includes pink flamingo with vintage forest wallpaper, 3D embossed look swans and lake wallpaper, and colorful magnolia flowers and birds wallpaper.

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