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Stripes Wallpaper & Wall Murals

     Stripe wallpapers are an effective method that you can use when you want to reveal the character of any area in your home and create an elegant effect. Our Stripes Wallpaper & Wall Murals collection includes vertical, horizontal, curved, blurred, colored, thin, thick, and much more. Stripes have been indispensable lines in home decoration from past to present. The strips fit into any style of modern, traditional, or classic home, and they are timeless, meaning they never go out of style. They add movement and freshness to the area you use. If you want to create a dynamic atmosphere in your interior, the effect you are looking for is available in our stripes wallpaper collection. In young rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, in fact, they fit perfectly to every area of ​​the house. If you want to make changes in interior decoration, you should determine the deficiencies of your home well, especially if you don't like some places of structurally at home and you can use stripes wallpaper in these areas to make your home more eye-catching. At the same time, you're in the right place if you want any room to be bigger and brighter. Vertical, horizontal, or zig-zag strips add refreshment and show extra bigger and wider always. Stripe wallpapers can be used not only in your home decoration but also in any office or commercial area. The extra-wide lines promote modern decor. The use of wallpaper in interior decoration transforms the space into an impressive. So even if you use the wallpaper on a single wall, it creates an impressive and eye-catching transformation. The fact that our living space is boring and lifeless is a situation that affects us negatively. Even if we are not aware of every moment of life, the details affect us. Nowadays, we don't need to spend many days trying to create changes in home decoration, and we don't need to spend a lot of money since the walls are a very important part of home decoration, they make the most important impact. And with Wallmur wallpapers, it is possible to create a great change that is low cost, and you can apply yourself, and this change is faster than you think.   

     Another essential element in home decoration is the harmony of the whole space within itself. I mean, what do you use in the next living room when you change a room? Interior harmony is about achieving a balance between passages and rooms. Using another great pattern wallpaper may seem like a great idea, but it takes an extraordinary instinct to use patterns and colors to get the right look. You may think to yourself that you can't get out of it when you think about it. However, you live in that area, and of course, you can create the interior design that makes you feel the best. If you say; my whole house will create a harmony in itself while walking around the rooms, if I don't want to feel like I've gone to irrelevant places, our Stripes Wallpaper & Wall Murals collection comes to your aid at this point. Stripes are one of the safest and most striking ways in interior decoration because stripe wallpapers can harmonize with any style, regardless of the decoration of other rooms. Another issue that causes problems in choosing wallpaper is the corridor or stairs. While these areas may seem trivial, the common point of the corridor or stairs is the area that connects each room. You may like patterned wallpapers, but these patterns that you use on corridors and stairs may limit the changes you want to make in other rooms. The stripes wallpapers that you will use in the hallways and staircases frees the patterns you want to use in other rooms and creates a kind of transition. So you can find the perfect harmony in the decoration of your home.

     Trends in interior decoration come and go, and the strips are always there. This situation has not changed since the 1800s. Striped wallpapers don't need to be limited; the linear structure of the lines makes them adaptable anywhere. You get a visually stunning result. Stripes entered our lives with fashion and then started to used in interior design. In 1858, striped marine blue cotton clothing introduced as the uniform of the French navy. After a trip to the French coast, Coco Chanel inspired by sailor's uniforms and in 1917, included the stripes in his marine collection. Inspired by a sailor's uniform, the iconic fashion designer was Coco Chanel. The legendary Italian knitwear company Missoni bought the iconic stripe and knitted the fashion empire. Later, stripes moved to interior design. The strips entered our lives form of flooring, wallpaper, and architectural ornament, etc. A masterpiece of stripes is the architecture of the Church of San Giovanni by Swiss architect Mario Botta and one of the first examples. From the past to the present, we can say that strips are indispensable in interior design. Take a look at our amazing Stripes Wallpaper & Wall Murals collection; you'll be instantly grabbed.

     Our wallpapers are carefully prepared and made available to you. After delivery, you can see how high the quality of our products. Because every single product we have developed has improved its quality to match you and your needs. You can use our wallpaper murals consisting of 100% environment-friendly materials and Green Guard certified inks, which are easy to apply, and it’s removable and re-usable. Take a look at our collection now and choose what you like with the best price. Free and fast shipping will be waiting for you. Take note of measurements before shopping. We always make sure you are facing the best result.
     Firstly our designers prepare our collections carefully and step by step and then the second part is production. Our production is made by state of the art machinery and by skilled operators.Finally, the quality control of the prepared products doing twice, and your product is coming towards you!

     Finally, paper options; Non-Woven Wallpaper does not apply to rough surfaces, and it is movable. Non-woven is a plain matte paper, and it requires adhesive because it isn't self-adhesive. Material weight is 150 gr/sqm, and install is moderate to use. Textile Wallpaper does apply to rough surfaces, and it is movable. Textile wallpaper is a light textured wallpaper, and it requires adhesive because it isn't self-adhesive. Material weight is 280gr/sqm, and install moderate to use, and Self-Adhesive Textile Wallpaper does apply to rough surfaces, and it is movable. The peel and stick textile wallpaper is a light textured wallpaper. And it does not require extra glue because it is self-adhesive. Material weight is 300gr/sqm, and install easy to use.  

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